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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Alt Bloom 2020

Artist Of The Week // ALT BLOOM

Infused with a laid-back vibe, Alt Bloom provides the answer to all of your summer musical needs with text talk touch. Alt Bloom is the creative output for Ethan Thompson’s journey of exploration and soul-searching, fusing together his musical upbringing and his changing influences to

Aman Sheriff 2020

AMAN SHERIFF Shares New Single ‘I’m Alone’

“I think I’m overthinking again” perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Aman Sheriff’s sprightly new single, I’m Alone. Although I’m Alone has all the elements of a pop hit, Aman Sheriff has also locked down the melancholic essence of his lyrics. Singing frankly about anxiety and

Bloxx Lie Out Loud 2020

Album Review // BLOXX ‘Lie Out Loud’

Filled with pop-rock anthems, roaring guitars and brutally honest lyrics, Lie Out Loud is an indie masterpiece that showcases love and passion in the truest form. Unapologetically chaotic in every way, Lie Out Loud is filled with indie guitar anthems that beg to be played

Hands Like Houses 2020

HANDS LIKE HOUSES Announce New Self-Titled EP

Alongside the news of their forthcoming EP, Hands Like Houses share new music in the form of catchy new single The Water. Australian rockers Hands Like Houses are about to share one of their most intimate chapters yet as a band, as they gear up

Falcon 2020

FALCON Unveils Intimate New Single ‘I’ll Admit It’

Getting deep and personal, I’ll Admit It permits the beauty from vulnerability to shine through and become a learning experience. Falcon, the moniker for musician Amanda Lindsey Cook, makes a heartfelt introduction with poignant debut single I’ll Admit It. Coming from a classical music background,

Brass Phantoms 2020

BRASS PHANTOMS Share Rousing New Single ‘Hurricane’

With electrifying riffs flying left, right, and centre, Hurricane is the searing new single from Brass Phantoms that is sure to leave you feeling charged. Dublin quintet Brass Phantoms unleash a torrent of energy with their blistering new single Hurricane, a brash display of firepower

Glded 2020

GLDED Drops Calming New Single ‘Waiting Up’

Like a lullaby for adults, Glded shares his new track Waiting Up. Soothing yet haunting, Waiting Up, the recent single from Chicago-based Glded (aka Ben Harper) is strikingly beautiful. Ambient radio static pairs softly with Harper’s earthy vocals creating an all-encompassing, ethereal musical experience. Listening